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Samuel Pennington has limited his practice to the area of Bankruptcy Law for many years. He has represented the Chapter 13 Trustee in Orlando as staff attorney for ten years. Otherwise, he has worked as Debtor's counsel in the four major categories of bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 - Traditionally, there are more cases filed in Chapter 7 than any other chapter of bankruptcy. Chapter 7 is generally referred to as a liquidation. Individuals, married couples, partnerships, and corporations may all qualify for chapter 7. There are exemptions in the State of Florida that allow individuals and couples to file a chapter 7 and keep all, or a portion, of their property. It is important to know what exemptions apply to each individual or couple who consider filing a chapter 7. We provide a free consultation which will cover, among other things, those allowed exemptions and how they apply to you personally.

Chapter 13 - Chapter 13 is often times referred to as a "wage earner's" plan. Only individuals or married qualify to file chapter 13. The number of chapter 13 cases has risen substantially in recent years due to the ability debtors in chapter 13 to modify their mortgages. People who file chapter 13 do so in order to protect all, or a portion, of their assets. Some mortgage modifications result in a substantial decrease in the amount of principle owed on the mortgage. In other modifications the interest rate may be reduced, sometimes substantially. If a home is "under water", chapter 13 is often the best way to modify the mortgage to create a more equitable loan for the debtor(s) who are interestedd in retaining their property. If a debtor has tax debt, chapter 13 is frequently the safest way to get the taxes paid over time without incurring post-petition penalties. Automobile loans can often be reduced or the interest rate lowered. We will give you a free consultation to determine if chapter 13 makes sense for you.

Chapter 12 - This chapter is reserved for family farmers and commercial fishermen. Chapter 12 may allow a debtor to reorganize, and pay debts on a schedule consistent with the seasonal variables that farmers and fishermen face in their chosen occupations. Again, a free consultation is available to discuss the issues under chapter 12.

Chapter 11 - When you read about a large corporation reorganizing under bankruptcy, it is generally in chapter 11. Individuals with so much debt that they do not qualify for a chapter 13 may still get the relief they need through filing chapter 11. Chapter 11 is complex, and is the most expensive type of bankruptcy to file. It also may be the only chapter available to help a debtor corporation or partnership to retain their business and reorganize their debt. We will provide a free consultation to see if chapter 11 makes sense for you or your business.

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